August 9, 2017

Trails – Old Backup


The map above shows the trails which are currently supported through GHORBA efforts. Each trail is managed by a trail steward and has certain “house rules” as far as direction of travel (if applicable) and parking directions. Please respect the rules for each trail to ensure continues access to these trails.

Also please consider reaching out to the trail stewards as there is frequently a team of volunteers that helps to maintain each trail. Trails are made possible by these volunteers, so your trails are as good as you make them. Get involved!

Trail name Status Technical Rating Trail Steward
Carl Barton Open Beginner John Martin, Adam France
Cypress Creek (CCMTB) OPEN Intermediate Scott Dammitt, Bill Collier
Cypresswood (Collins Park) Closed Beginner/ Intermediate Jon Roberts
Double Lake Open Intermediate Jim Mackey
Flintridge Closed Beginner Anthony Denyer
Hunstville State Park Closed Beginner/ Intermediate Michael Walsh
Jack Brooks Closed Intermediate/ Expert Darrell Hingle, Steve Booker
Justin Brindley Park Closed Beginner Trey Jung
Lake Houston Park OPEN Beginner Damian Pool
Memorial Park Closed Intermediate Karlo Martinez
River Bend CLOSED Beginner/ Intermediate Jason Wipf
Roy C. Burroughs Park Closed Beginner Robert Wagner
Stephen F. Austin State Park Closed Beginner Tom Shaughnessy
The Anthills Closed Intermediate Rodolfo ‘Fefo’ Rivera, Matt Park
Timberlane Closed Beginner Paul Schulz, Joe Short