November 13, 2016

Roy C. Burroughs


Difficulty: Beginner
Length: 5.00 miles
Status: Closed
Technical Rating: 1
Trail Steward: Robert Wagner
Fees: Free
Parking: Parking available throughout the park.

The existing trails are very smooth, very few roots, no drops & only a single climb of note. There’s only about a mile of true singletrack on the property & really nothing that presents a challenge – unless you climb the sandy hill along the powerline right-of-way.
That said, it’s a very good place to take kids that you’re introducing to the sport. If you go, be careful down in the creek bottoms as there are many snakes. Additionally be aware that the low-lying areas of the trail get very muddy very fast & stay that way a long time.
GHORBA would like to expand and enhance these trails but we will need the assistance from our membership to get this done. If you’d like to volunteer to get the remainder completed, please contact the VP Trails.