November 13, 2016


Latest Trail Report:

Difficulty: Beginner
Length: 5.00 miles
Status: Open
Technical Rating: 1-2
Trail Steward: Anthony Denyer
Fees: Free
Parking: Parking is available at the George Mitchell Nature Preserve parking area.
Description: This 5 mile trail is located near the Woodlands. It’s part of the George Mitchell Preserve (GMP) within Spring Creek Greenway and is a host trail of GHORBA’s annual Short Track Race Series.
The inner loop is great single track; tight and twisty. If you want to improve your handling skills this is a great place to work on them. The inner loop takes about twenty minutes to ride and when you turn and ride it the opposite direction it is a new course. Do that twice and if you have not gotten a good workout you weren’t riding hard enough. A couple of laps around the main trail will get your heart rate up too, but keep in mind cyclists are not the only trail users.

Flintridge was completed in Fall of 2008. Flintridge started in early 2007 when GHORBA was awarded a $5000 REI grant that was used on a piece of land offered by Montgomery County as part of the Spring Creek Project. Matching funds were provided by the County and The Woodlands Development Corporation and with a combination of professional design and leadership by Talon Trails, support from Montgomery County and a huge volunteer effort by Woodlands Cycling Club. Plans are in place for branching out both west and east from this trail along Spring Creek as part of the Greenway. If you’d like to help with the potential expansion project, contact GHORBA through your Trail Steward or the VP Trails.