November 13, 2016

Carl Barton

Length: 3.50 miles
Status: Open
Technical Rating: 1-2
Trail Stewards: John Martin (c: 936-697-0388), Adam France
Fees: None

Parking: Park in Carl Barton park.

Description: In 2006 GHORBA was pleased to announce the establishment of a new trail system at Carl Barton, Jr. Park in Conroe, following the signing of an agreement with the City of Conroe. Construction of the first three-mile section began in August 2006. The trails are to be laid out in over 200 acres of forest surrounding the developed areas of the park. There is scope for construction of up to 10 miles of trail when completed.

Unlike many Houston area trails, this land has contour. Professional trail builders Ryan Spates and Susan Stormer, a.k.a. the Texas Trail Docs designed the first section. The trails are designated as “multi-use”, but they were built to IMBA standards from a clean slate.

Construction of the second phase, beyond the first three miles, will be subject to the success of the first section – we’ll be working to get that done just as soon as we can.

If you’d like to volunteer to get the remainder completed, please contact the trail steward – 936-697-0388 (John Martin).