September 21, 2016

Skills Clinics

GHORBA currently offers skills clinics that teach basic to advanced bike handling techniques and are free of charge to all GHORBA members in good standing. Clinics are held quarterly during the year, posted to our  CALENDAR and advertised on our site but if you have any questions in the meantime, feel free to LINK_TO_CLINICS_EMAIL.

A major project for our skills clinic contributors has been to standardize and publish a curriculum for the classes that we offer during our skills clinic.  These classes are not offered on a stand alone basis, rather as “break out sessions” to the skills clinic itself.  Look for more information on the curriculum to be posted here in the near future.

Clinic Curriculum

  • Beginniner 101: New to Mountain Biking (pdf)
  • Beginner 102: Moving up from Beginner Status (pdf)
  • Intermediate 201
  • Intermediate 202
  • Intermediate 203
  • Advanced 301
  • Advanced 302
  • Beginner/Intermediate TTF Clinic (pdf)

Membership is required for all GHORBA public MTB skills clinics but these clinics are free for GHORBA members! LINK_TO_JOIN_PAGE_OR_SIMILAR_RESOURCE. 

Custom Group Clinics

If your workplace, family, or group has 5 or more riders that would like a customized skills clinic, please LINK_TO_CLINICS_EMAIL for information on scheduling a custom skills clinic for a small, tax-deductible donation.

Private Lessons

Private mountain biking lessons can be arranged via our pool of instructors. LINK_TO_CLINICS_EMAIL for more info.