Major Announcement Regarding Jack Brooks Park!

It is with great excitement that we announce our newest agreement between GHORBA and the Galveston County Parks Department for the Jack Brooks Trail System. GCP is a great example of what a mutually benefiting and understanding partnership can be with a landowner.
We owe a huge debt of gratitude to Commissioner Joe Giusti, Julie Diaz -GCP Director, Jennifer Krupa-Programs Manager, and Bob Simoneau-Parks Operation Manger. They were incredible to work with and extremely supportive of mountain biking and our organization. Thanks to all of you for your caring, willingness, and efforts to make this agreement happen.

I can assure you this entire team is dedicated to their local residents. For example in order to learn more about the trail, Commissioner Giusti actually walked Jack Brooks with us during the heat of the summer with those huge Southeast Texas mosquitoes!!! How many of our Commissioners are that dedicated to their constituents??? Incredible!!

What can also not be stressed enough is our thanks and gratitude towards Darrell Hingle for making this agreement possible. He is a shining example of how local leaders can step up and make change happen!!! You working with GHORBA CAN make a difference. If you want to protect or grow mountain biking in your area…follow Darrel’s example and get involved!!! Darrell has also accepted the trail steward role at Jack Brooks. He is truly the kind of man who says what he is going to do…and then gets it done. Thank you Darrell. We would also like to thank Steve Booker, Rafael Fontela, and Mike Moran for their help and support. Not only is the Jack Brooks trail a special place to ride…but the community spirit you guys have built is remarkable.
Thank You,
Bill Collier
GHORBA President

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