Memorial Park

6.00 miles

Technical Rating: 1-3
Trail Steward: Karlo Martinez Contact the Trail Steward
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Fees: Free
Conditions Hotline: 713-221-0499
Parking: Ample, most riders park at the "Rugby Pitch" but there is parking throughout the park.
Description: Memorial Park offers a convenient escape from the concrete jungle of Houston with seven miles of dirt trails. Trails are marked and named by their “Color” of trail marker, with the exception of “The Triangle”

  • Green: The longest single track trail in MP is an out and back trail on the south east side of the park. 
  • Yellow: This trail features some of the best and fastest turns in the park and crosses a few gully’s which give the trail some elevation change.
  • Red: What this trail lacks in elevation change it makes up for in fast, flowy and tight single track turns.
  • Blue: Most technical of the core trails, this single track trail features trail “exposure” and many exposed roots which create small ledge drops.
  • Orange: Fast and flowy trail similar to yellow with a few fun “G-out” bridges, hair pin turns, and a few drops.
  • The Triangle: An often missed and lower traffic trail on the west side of the park.  This is the most difficult trail in the park and features a continuously rolling trail, fast turns.
  • Purple: This is the “dirt road” that forms a loop through the mountain bike trail area. Mostly flat except for its crossing of a drainage near Buffalo Bayou known as “Call Out” where riders will rapidly descend thirty feet and then immediately climb out of the drainage.

Please use caution as these are two-way multi use trails and can be very busy on the weekends.  Please be courteous to other trail users and remember that cyclists yield to both foot traffic and horses.  Make your presence known when approaching blind corners and always maintain control of your speed.

Due to the recent drought, Memorial Park has experienced significant tree kill.  This has created a hazard of both falling trees and falling debris.  Plans are in place for a contractor to address the issue and remove many of the problem trees.  GHORBA is working closely with the Parks Department as well as the Memorial Park Conservancy to ensure and orderly yet succesful removal project.  Please use extreme caution and respect all trail closures.


Houston, TX
United States
29° 45' 54.72" N, 95° 26' 42.36" W

Recent Trail Condition Reports:

Latest reports from Memorial Park trail users

Condition Short Report Post date Name
Other (see description) Art show comes to the park 3 days 8 hours ago Dkoonsusaavid
Muddy (do not ride) Very, very muddy 1 week 3 days ago Jman
Tacky Wet, soft dirt, few puddles, don't mind getting dirty? Join the fun! 1 week 5 days ago LonelyScott
Other (see description) Rodeo comes to the park 1 month 7 hours ago Dkoonsusaavid
Tacky trails in good shape 1 month 1 week ago Dkoonsusaavid
Tacky Trails Open 1 month 2 weeks ago Jman
Muddy in spots Colored trails reasonably dry, several trees block Green 1 month 2 weeks ago BdM
Muddy (do not ride) Still too muddy - this park takes a long time to dry out... 2 months 4 days ago Jman
Muddy (do not ride) Despite nice weather still too wet in too many spots. Big tree blocking green plus some other overhanging trail dangerously. 2 months 1 week ago BdM
Muddy (do not ride) Trails still two wet, two days of sunshine should do it. 2 months 1 week ago BdM