Lake Houston Wilderness Park

15.00 miles

Technical Rating: 1-3
Trail Steward: Damian Pool Contact the Trail Steward
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Fees: $3.00 per person. 13-64 years of age
Hours: Sun. - Thu. 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Fri. & Sat. 8:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.
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The trails in Lake Houston Wilderness Park offer cross country mountain bikers a place to hone their skills, work on endurance, or just spin along all the while through some of south east Texas more unique terrain.

There are several good singletrack trails in this park. All of which continue to improve on flow. These trails can be connected by various gravel roads and doubletrtack to make longer routes. Maps available at entry station.

Peach creek trail - .7 miles of singletrack between entry parking area and nature center. Features a upper and lower trail. Upper trail is less technical. Lower (better) has some short sandy sections, elevation change, and good views of creek. UPDATE 2015. The Dogwood trail has been developing good flow. Starting from the trailhead at Red Oak Road, cross bridge and follow trail to a left turn onto Peach Creek Trail. Shortly after take a right onto the lower trail, following it back to nature center. The following Strava segement includes both Dogwood and peach Creek Trail.

Peach creek loop- More doubletrack than singletrack. Very good beginner trail that offers a little bit of everything without getting too far away from nature center area. This trail also provides connection to longer routes.


Forest trail - 2 mile trail. good hardpacked singletrack through forest. Part of this trail is doubletrack for about 1/2 mile east of 5 mile road. Highest elevation in park. Trailhead at nature center. Out and back or loop using logging roads. Update 2017 Little to no singletrack maintenance on this trail east of five mile road.

Ameritrail - 5 mile singletrack trail. Best trail in park. Trailhead near nature center/peach creek loop. Can be ridden out and back or loop by riding back on 5 mile road. Mix of hard pack, several 20 yard sandy sections, short steep climbs, some tight and twisty. 1 road crossing and 3 utility easement crossings, great views of creek, bayou’s and Isabel lake.

Update fall 2016: Due to spring time flooding, lots of new sand has been deposited along about 1.5 miles of Ameri-trail. The deep sand is mostly between the first and third pipeline.

Update 2017: Some of the sand has been cleared.  Three sections remains between the fisrt and third pipeline. But not all sandy.

UPDATE 2016.  The Yaupon Trail has been re-established and is improving. This trail connects 5 mile road at logging road loop trailhead to the SE corner of Peach Creek Loop Trail. It also crosses Canoe Launch Road. This trail is a little over a mile long and has improved enough to recommend riding it.  It also creates more looping options. (Trail is bold red on map)


 Suggested route starts at entry parking area. Follow peach creek lower trail keeping right.  Follow trail along creek .8 miles to nature center area. Continue along creek just to left of pedestrian bridge using west side of peach creek loop trail. 5 miles to Ameritrail trailhead. Follow Ameritrail 5 miles to end.  Ameritrail ends into an old logging road loop. Either direction leads to Lake isabel and 5 mile road. 5 mile road leads directly north to the front of park and is closed to motor vehicles most of the way. 

Another suggested route:

There is a parking area and the trailhead of Peach creek trail just to the right of the entry station. This area has no restrooms or water.

The nature center area has a large clearing and parking lot.  Restrooms are across from parking lot.  An outdoor water fountain with cold water is at the south end of nature center building. Cross the pedestrian bridge to access a  beach/deck for cooling off in peach creek.

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25840 FM 1485
77357 New Caney, TX
United States
30° 8' 52.7856" N, 95° 10' 3.7452" W

Recent Trail Condition Reports:

Latest reports from Lake Houston Wilderness Park trail users

Condition Short Report Post date Name
Tacky mostly good to go 1 week 1 day ago Damian
Muddy in spots Weekend should be a little less mud 1 month 1 day ago Damian
Dry/Loose ready to ride 1 month 1 week ago Damian
Tacky Slightly muddy in spots 1 month 3 weeks ago uhsteven
Muddy in spots drying up. 2 months 13 hours ago Damian
Muddy (do not ride) sloppy thru weekend 2 months 5 days ago Damian
Muddy (do not ride) sloppy thru Friday 2 months 1 week ago Damian
Dry/Packed best in a year 2 months 1 week ago Damian
Other (see description) Muddy in spots/ Leafy 2 months 2 weeks ago hscullane
Muddy in spots packed and tacky before light rain 2 months 3 weeks ago Damian