Double Lake Recreation Area

21.00 miles
Double Lake Recreation Area Trail Map

Technical Rating: 1-3
Trail Steward: Jim Mackey Contact the Trail Steward
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Fees: $6/vehicle/day
Directions: Google Maps
Parking: Park near the mountain bike trail head.  If no spots are available, parking is available at the day use area.
Located a short drive north of Houston, Double Lake is a trail that invokes positive response and memories from the riders that have ridden there. The trail system loops through the forest and is perfect for beginners, young riders as well as experienced riders who want to go fast. Double Lake is home to the annual Big Ring Challenge (BRC) race and was expanded in 2011 by GHORBA made possible by grants from Texas Parks and Wildlife, Bikes Belong, and member contributions.  Unlike many trails in the Houston area, the full eighteen (18) miles of this trail are dirt single track that is built to be ridden fast with fast and swoopy turns, rolling single track, and a clean compacted trail surface. Boredom at Double Lake means you need to be riding faster.

Though often touted as a trail that dries very fast after a rain, please be mindful that the trail can still be damaged when ridden while wet. Still, this is the place to go when trails closer to Houston are too wet to ride, as it drains well and the coarse sand actually is faster after it gets a bit damp.

Please note that there is a recreation area use fee per vehicle, payable on entry.


77331 Coldspring, TX
United States
30° 34' 25.3092" N, 95° 6' 55.9476" W

Recent Trail Condition Reports:

Latest reports from Double Lake Recreation Area trail users

Condition Short Report Post date Name
Muddy (do not ride) 4/30 8" of rain - CLOSED 4 days 17 hours ago jmackey
Muddy (do not ride) Race cancelled 4/29 - Trails closed when rains hit later today 6 days 1 hour ago jmackey
Muddy (do not ride) 4/19 Totally swamped out - Maybe reopen 4/24 2 weeks 1 day ago jmackey
Dry/Loose 4/10 burns done, trails open 3 weeks 3 days ago jmackey
Dry/Loose Controlled Burns 4/7-8 Some of the trails closed, rest will be smokey 4 weeks 2 hours ago jmackey
Dry/Packed 4/5 Almost completely dry, but getting overgrown 4 weeks 1 day ago jmackey
Muddy in spots 3/24 More Rain...Wait until Sat 3/26 to ride 1 month 1 week ago jmackey
Muddy in spots 3/14 Reopened with wet section bypasses 1 month 3 weeks ago jmackey
Other (see description) 3/10 Closed - 7" rain in last two days 1 month 3 weeks ago jmackey
Muddy in spots 2/23 Trails sponged up rains and are good. C-Tr wet spot still mucky. 2 months 1 week ago jmackey