Cypresswood (Collins Park)

5.00 miles

Cypresswood Trails are one of the jewels of Houston's trail system. A five mile out-and-back consisting of numerous stacked loops give riders a well constructed and maintain trailed system in Houston's northern suburbs. Snaking along the banks of Cypress Creek and twisting through the forest Cypresswood is a favorite of riders of many skill levels. Trail markers are well maintained and finding your way on the trails is easy. Difficult obstacles and their bypasses are all clearly marked. Trails east of TC Jester are on private property and are marked as accordingly. These trails are not under GHORBA's purveyance.

Cypresswood has a very active trail maintenance group. If you are interested in helping, please contact the trail steward.

Parking: Park in Collins Park and ride the paved path a short distance to the dirt trails.


6727 Cypresswood Drive
77379 Spring, TX
United States
30° 0' 49.3848" N, 95° 30' 33.9804" W

Recent Trail Condition Reports:

Latest reports from Cypresswood (Collins Park) trail users

Condition Short Report Post date Name
Dry/Packed Perfect 3 days 1 hour ago noynoy2003
Dry/Packed Trails are Great, lots of people 5 days 8 hours ago jasonwipf
Dry/Packed Trails are perfect 5 days 15 hours ago Jman
Dry/Loose Dry but sandy 1 month 4 days ago jasonwipf
Muddy in spots a few muddy spots but rideable 1 month 3 weeks ago mustang65
Muddy (do not ride) DO NOT RIDE 2 months 19 hours ago mustang65
Muddy in spots a few muddy spots but rideable 2 months 1 week ago mustang65
Muddy (do not ride) Still very muddy 4 months 1 week ago mustang65
Muddy (do not ride) very wet 4 months 2 weeks ago mustang65
Tacky very tacky 4 months 4 weeks ago mustang65