The Anthills (Terry Hershey Park)

9.30 miles

Technical Rating: 3
Trail Steward: Eric Dickson Contact the Trail Steward
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Parking: Best places to park are in the Terry Hershey Park parking lots located at 1) the intersection of Dairy Ashford and Buffalo Bayou (SE corner) and 2) off of Memorial just west of Eldridge.
Fees: None
Description:This is a wooded intermediate to advanced single track trail system along the south bank of Buffalo Bayou between Eldridge and Wilcrest streets.  This is a fun twisty single track ride with lots of ups and downs over trails that crisscross between the lower river bank and the top of the bank (as much as 40' of elevation change in some areas).  There are several seriously steep but short climbs in the middle trails. The trails along the lower river bank and up on top are easier. The middle trails get progressively more difficult as you make your way toward Wilcrest.  Due to the proximity to the river the undergrowth grows quickly so visibility around the next corner may not be the best.  Holler out often to warn others of your presence.


Houston, TX
United States
29° 45' 40.68" N, 95° 36' 18" W

Recent Trail Condition Reports:

Latest reports from The Anthills (Terry Hershey Park) trail users

Condition Short Report Post date Name
Muddy in spots Watch out for debris from last storm, please email all downed tree locations to the trail steward 5 days 15 hours ago NinerHolic
Muddy (do not ride) Substantial Rain and Wind mid-day Monday 1 week 21 hours ago NinerHolic
Muddy (do not ride) Got some rain while out on my ride - Might need a day or three 2 weeks 23 hours ago fefillo
Muddy in spots Tacky with a few muddy spots. 2 weeks 2 days ago NinerHolic
Muddy (do not ride) 1" of rain early Friday morning 2 weeks 4 days ago NinerHolic
Muddy in spots Reopening...trees down, uppers fair, lowers muddy... stay high for a day or two more 4 weeks 16 hours ago NinerHolic
Muddy (do not ride) 3" of Rain on Friday 1 month 1 day ago NinerHolic
Muddy (do not ride) 2" to 3" of Rain on Tuesday evening 1 month 4 days ago NinerHolic
Dry/Packed Dry & good to go 1 month 1 week ago string
Other (see description) Should be tacky to dry 1 month 1 week ago NinerHolic