Sometimes it's about BEER!

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Sometimes it's about BEER!

I noticed most of the events focus on riding - and not always in the Houston area. Of course, this makes sense for a group called an off-road biking association.

However, "sometimes it is not about the bike".

I think to foster a sense of community, it might be nice to meet up with people for a few beers and talk about, well, anything. We can just hang out with other people who we know have at least one thing in common. Perhaps meet up on a Friday night - or even a weeknight.

If there's any interest at all, I'd be willing to take the lead in organizing something. If you'd be interested, let me know here. And let me know if you'd prefer a weeknight or a weekend night!

I don't care if we get three people together or a hundred! (Let's try to avoid a meeting of two people though. I mean, I hardly know you.)


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last friday they had something called "critical mass" where hundreds of cyclists rode downtown and stopped at bars along the way and at the end. I burned my legs out at Memorial the hours before and had no gas left but really wanted to go. I believe its annual.

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Third Friday of each month, I believe, for Houston.

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Critical Mass is the last Sunday of every month and starts at Market Square with the destination changing every time. It's an interesting mix of people and is usually a slow paced social ride. Great people watching.

Karbach has a more grown up ride typically starting at a bar and ending at their brewery.