3/19 Sunday Workday, 9am

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3/19 Sunday Workday, 9am

Workday start up will be different. Rec area and trails are still closed. We'll meet up at the locked front gate. After we enter, the gate will be relocked. If you can't stay until noon or 2pm, this is not your day.

There is new Forest Service paperwork to be filled out, a once a year Volunteer Service Agreement form.

Restrooms might not be available. Come prepared with TP and be okay with going behind a bush.

This is not an open riding day. People can't show up just to ride and not work. Trails and the rec area are still closed. Everybody works until noon-ish and then we can get a "working" ride in ahead of the "last call" 2pm exit time. Idea being we stop to clear branches and other forest debris while riding - a working ride.

Going to send one small group out on bikes to do chainsaw work. Rest will work on foot to either fix the lumpy paver section on DL X-over or do general clearing work on 1mi C to Henry Lk connector trail that's part of the race course.