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Trail Enhancement Discussion

Late last week I had a productive conversation with Conroe’s Park Superintendent, Lauren Arnold. We talked about a number of things including work parties, trail boundaries and ways to improve (expand) the current trails.

The bottom line is that Lauren and his team will help support our efforts wherever and whenever they can. Lauren said that based on initial conversations with GHORBA their expectations are that we will create and maintain the trails and the City will support those efforts including the occasional supply of materials and labor.

Lauren and I are planning to meet after the 11th at their facility where he will show me some of the materials they have available including pavers, mulch and signage. He’s also going to get me a copy of the GHORBA agreement with the City and a boundary map. I’ll also ask Booker to see if GHORBA has copies of any of this stuff.

I told Lauren that we’re looking at some possible dates to run clean ups at the park and I’d let him know once we know something. I think based on what Joe Chaps and I have recently surveyed there’s possibly 2-4 visits worth of work depending on how long we work per visit.

Overall I felt very positive about what we can do at the park and I’m excited the City can help with some of this.

Next Steps –

As Joe and a couple others have mentioned, there’s a lot of work that needs to be done. Combined Joe and I put in about 5 hrs of work last week and we’ve barely made a dent although it does look a little better. As I mentioned to Joe on Friday cleaning the park will be like eating an elephant – one bite at a time.

I’m open to feedback on this but my thought is we initially get the trail back in shape to ride without getting poked and scraped. Once we’re happy with that then we can decide where and how to improve or build out. There’s at least one spot that Joe and I saw that can use a bridge. There’s other spots I’d like to give the rider a couple options one being more technical and one more beginner – kind of like they have out at Cypress.

Re: Work parties – possible dates March 14th, 15th, 21st & 22nd.

Here’s a link to pick a date. Let’s see what everyone picks.


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Good job JC. Let me know if you guys need any tools to work with. Also, figure up a material list for your bridge, I'm sure we can cover that as well.

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JC, I might head out there tomorrow if the weather holds.. I'm going to hike that new backside trail past the big bridge and see whats back there.