GHORBA and your Houston area trails

We are not called the Greater Houston Off-Road Biking association for nothing. We were founded for the preservation of bike access in Memorial Park, but happily, that battle is now won. GHORBA members now work in close cooperation with the Memorial Park Conservancy and the City of Houston to preserve the habitat and to expand the trail system for all users.

We have used the valuable lessons learned from our experience, as well as the credibility we have built, to develop trail sponsorship agreements with park authorities at every level of government from the local to the federal levels. We are also using our experience to work on several new trail projects, including Spring Creek, Sugar Land, and Huntsville.

There are other trails which are currently “un-official” and we are working to ensure that they are preserved. There are many other areas in the greater Houston area which are either lacking trails or have areas with potential for trail development.

GHORBA can’t find all the potential areas without the help and support of the entire biking community. If you feel there is a potential trail in your area – perhaps a park, an area of woodland, or waterfront setting, then please contact our Vice President of Trails with your ideas. We can use our contacts with local government entities to support and guide you.

Our currently active grants and projects include:

  • Spring Creek Greenway (Flintridge) Expansion and Improvement - In May of 2012 GHORBA, in partnership with Montgomery County, was awarded a $100,000 RTP Grant to expand and improve the sustainability of natural surface trails in the vicinity of Flintridge.  Montgomery county will be providing 25% matching funds to the project.  Upon completion, up to six miles of new natural surface trail will be built and up to five miles of existing natural surface trail will be improved.  This project will allow contiguous natural surface trail to stretch from the George Mitchell Nature Preserve to I-45 along the northern bank of Spring Creek.
  • Huntsville State Park Expansion- Up to thirteen (13) mile $180,000 trail expansion, funded in part by a TPW RTP Grant, Northwest Cycling Club, and GHORBA has been flagged for construction by our contractor (S&S Trails) and is entering environmental evaluation which is expected to complete in early 2013. This expansion will increase Huntsville trail mileage by up to102%.
  • The Anthills - Enhancement and improvement of The Anthills continues with a $10,000 grant from REI. Trail sustainability is being enhanced and makeshift bridges are being replaced with quality designed and built bridges.
  • Community Grant - GHORBA has been awarded a $36,000 3 year RTP Grant from TPW scoped to provide GHORBA with funding to build user communities around our trails and to improve/enhance/sustain our current 71 mile trail portfolio. This grant will be used to provide trail building clinics, equipment, and materials necessary for.  Help GHORBA efffectively use this grant by working with your trail steward.  If you don't know who your trail steward is, they can be contact through the Contact Form.