David Cervera

Race Director

David has been riding MTBs for 26 years and has been racing going on 6 seasons.  He raced in the early 90's for a few years but I was not very competitive. He was also one of the original MTB team members of Bike Sport. He raced with Bike Barn for 5 years and just recently switched to Sugar Cycles. I was on the GHORBA board of directors in 2012 and 13. I was a member at large and also in 2013 was the main liaison for GHORBA for the BRC and assistant race director to Raf. I also designed the shirts and trophies that year. It was a very successful BRC. I'm mostly an anthills rider due to me living pretty much right behind the trail. I started at memorial in 1990. And been riding MP and AH since. We have a great bike community here and would like to keep helping keeping our trail systems healthy. We are fortunate to have what we have in this huge concrete jungle.