Who We Are

Our Vision is to establish the greater Houston area as the best large urban city for off-road cycling.

Our Mission Statement

Greater Houston Off Road Biking Association promotes healthy off road cycling by collaboratively working with all trail users and landowners to build and sustain a network of enjoyable and environmentally friendly natural surface trails.


GHORBA was formed in September 1999 when the Houston Area Mountain Bike Riders Association (HAMBRA) and the Memorial Park Mountain Bike Association (MPMBA) joined forces to save the trails in Memorial Park from closure to all cyclists. Over the years GHORBA has expanded trail interests to dozens of Houston Area mountain bike trails. GHORBA is a non-profit 501c(3) corporation. It generates its operating revenue from your membership dues, organizing TMBRA series mountain bike and local races, and grants and donations from cycling and other businesses.

Our currently active grants and projects include:

  • Huntsville State Park Expansion- Up to thirteen (13) mile $180,000 trail expansion, funded in part by a TPW RTP Grant, Northwest Cycling Club, and GHORBA has been flagged for construction by our contractor (S&S Trails) and is entering environmental evaluation which is expected to complete in early 2013. This expansion will increase Huntsville trail mileage by up to102%.
  • The Anthills - Enhancement and improvement of The Anthills continues with a $10,000 grant from REI. Trail sustainability is being enhanced and makeshift bridges are being replaced with quality designed and built bridges.
  • Community Grant - GHORBA has been awarded a $36,000 3 year RTP Grant from TPW scoped to provide GHORBA with funding to build user communities around our trails and to improve/enhance/sustain our current 71 mile trail portfolio. This grant will be used to provide trail building clinics, equipment, and materials necessary for.  Help GHORBA efffectively use this grant by working with your trail steward.  If you don't know who your trail steward is, they can be contacted through the Contact Form.
  • River Bend Park - Sugarland’s new single track natural surface trail known as “River Bend” is 60% complete with completion expected in Summer 2012. This trail will add 6 miles to the Sugarland area, an increase of 400%.
  • Co-operative Effort - Co-operative efforts between GHORBA and the City of Sugarland resulted in the award of a $144,000 RTP Grant from TPW to build and maintain a  trail head for use at the newly created River Bend park.