Who We Are

Our Vision is to establish the greater Houston area as the best large urban city for off-road cycling.




Our Mission Statement

Greater Houston Off Road Biking Association promotes healthy off road cycling by collaboratively working with all trail users and landowners to build and sustain a network of enjoyable and environmentally friendly natural surface trails.

GHORBA was formed in September 1999 when the Houston Area Mountain Bike Riders Association (HAMBRA) and the Memorial Park Mountain Bike Association (MPMBA) joined forces to save the trails in Memorial Park from closure to all cyclists. Over the years GHORBA has expanded trail interests to dozens of Houston Area mountain bike trails. GHORBA is a non-profit 501c(3) corporation. It generates its operating revenue from your membership dues, organizing TMBRA series mountain bike and local races, and grants and donations from cycling and other businesses.

Organizational Documents

Board of Directors

Your elected officials who work hard to maintain relationships and daily duties associated with keeping Houston's trails open and in great shape.
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Bill Collier

Long term trails systems are not sustained by rouge trail building. They are accomplished by bringing the right people together and presenting a compelling message that make sense for the community. That is my passion. Being selected as a GHORBA board member will help me continue on this journey to protect and expand our precious trail systems for all of Houston.
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Kevin Highfield

VP & Advocacy Director
Kevin has been a trail rider since 2002 and first joined the GHORBA board in 2005. His trail advocacy started in 2003, when he started work to save Cypresswood Trail. He’s been an active racer since 2003, competing in events all over Texas. He also serves on the board of the Sam Houston Trails Coalition as the cycling representative.
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Scott Dammit

Communications Director
Scott got involved with GHORBA by trying to preserve his local trails. As trail steward, Scott volunteers at the 100 Acre Wood trail and has worked with the Bayou Land Conservancy by armoring hills, building boardwalks and reversing the effects of erosion. Scott has thousands of hours of volunteer experience and has attended the IMBA trail building course.
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Christy Miller Jones

Membership Director
Christy is a native Houstonian, 7th generation Texan, and is a lifelong recreational MTBr. She advocates usability of the green spaces in and around the Houston area as an enjoyable and healthy exercising alternative. Christy is married with 3 children, has enjoyed the Cypress Creek Trails since 2003, and has served on the GHORBA board since 2015.
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Joshua Cools

I have ten years of volunteering on various non-profit boards. I currently serve as board president for Dependable Resuscitation Training, LLC, which services pre-hospital patients. I’m also an avid mountain biker for 15 years. I primarily ride the Memorial trails but also love Jack Brooks and the occasional trip to Rocky Hills Ranch. I am a former instructor and bike mechanic.
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Eric Henao

Graphic Designer/Marketer, mountain biker, trail runner, cocktail maker, foodie, art appreciator, music lover & tech geek. Bit of Maven-Connector type personality, love crowds, connecting with people and getting people the information they are seeking. Believe in continual self-development.
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Chris Brown

Events Director
Chris has been involved with GHORBA since 2001 when he rode up on some trail gnomes and felt guilty for not helping. He eventually became Trail Steward at Memorial. Later, he joined the Board as Trails Coordinator. Chris’s real passion is teaching Skills Clinics. He is currently rewriting the curriculum for the intermediate classes and is excited for the future of the Skills Clinics.
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Mike Moyers

Trails Director
I have been an avid cyclist since the early 90’s riding in the DFW area. I mostly participated in group and charity rides like the MS150, as well as mountain biking with friends. I worked in bike shops through high school and college, and recently owned and operated a bike service, parts, and accessories shop of my own in Spring, TX. I currently work as a bike mechanic at Tru Tri Sports in Cypress. I began racing at couple of mountain bike races back in 1994, but didn’t start racing regularly until 2009. I currently race Cat 2 MTB XC and endurance races and occasionally dabble in other disciplines like triathlon, road racing and cyclocross – but I mostly enjoy watching my two daughters race. My “home trail” is Cypresswood Trail in Spring where I am an adopter of the Sidewinder trail that my girls and I keep trimmed and maintained.
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David M. Cervera

Race Director
I have been riding MTB’s for 26 years. I have been racing going on my 6th season, I raced in the early 90’s for a few years but I was not too competitive with it. I was also one of the original MTB team members of Bike Sport. I raced with Bike Barn for 5 years and just recently switched to Sugar Cycles, as this was a more personal fit on my decision. I was on the GHORBA board of directors in 2012 and 13. I was a member at large and also in 2013 was the main liaison for GHORBA for the BRC and assistant race director to Raf. I also designed the shirts and trophies that year. It was a very successful BRC. I’m mostly a anthills rider due to meliving pretty much right behind the trail. I started at memorial in 1990. And been riding MP and AH since. I like to ride all our local trails when I can. I think we have a great bike community here and would like to keep helping keeping our trail systems healthy. I definitely look forward to being back on GHORBA, something just pulls me back, I guess out of love for the trails that we have. We are fortunate to have what we have in this huge concrete jungle.
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Rick Humphreys

Sponsorship & Funding Director

Current Projects and Grants

We are always looking for new ways to grow the sport of off-road mountain bicycling. Here are some of the ways we are doing it today.